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tv   Senator Scott on Shooting of Congressman and Capitol Police Officers  CSPAN  June 14, 2017 11:24pm-11:33pm EDT

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equipment and staffing to make sure they can continue to do the outstanding job that they have done yet again here this morning. it's safe to say that without the capitol police being present, as a result of congress congressman scalise's location there at the congressional baseball game practice, that the results of this might have been much more serious, much more tragic than they already were. and of course we're continuing to keep congressman scalise in our prayers. i was looking at the tv screen on the way out. it looks like he is out of surgery but still in critical condition. and of course we continue to think about him and his family and offer them our support and prayers. while there is a lot we don't know about this morning's incident, it's clear that 0 this is a new environment we're living in, and we need to do everything we can to keep our
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constituents safe when they visit us here on capitol hill, mr. scott:the staff thank you, mr. president, today, mr. president, we are shaking -- shaken and encouraged. my prayers remain with my friend steve scalise and his family, as well as zak barth, the congressional staffer, matt mica who was volunteering at the baseball field, and the two brave police officers, crystal greiner and david bailey. mr. president, i've played on the republican baseball team. i've practiced on that field, and i'm sure that no one woke up this morning imagining that this tragedy was possible. not a single player who woke up this morning who wanted to make sure that they invested their time and energy in such a way to help nonprofits around the area
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benefit from drawing a crowd together to watch republicans and democrats play baseball for the express and specific benefit of helping those who cannot help themselves. mr. president, i'm also encouraged today. i'm encouraged specifically by law enforcement and more specific the capitol police who because of their swift action saved lives this morning at the baseball stadium. thank you to men and women who put on the uniform to keep others safe and as we can tell by the injuries of crystal and david, put themselves in harm's way. i'm i'm also encouraged that in the midst of this crisis, we have
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seen our country come together. we have seen this body come together. at noon today we had a prayer vigil led by senator coons, a democrat, senator lankford, a republican. we are no longer in the midst of a crisis, black americans and white americans or liberal americans or conservative americans, republicans or democrats. we aren't even swayed by the current environment of sensationalism. no, sir. we are simply americans blessed by god to be a part of the american family. the polarization that pulls on the fabric of this great country is very, very dangerous. too often we find ourselves splitting into smaller factions. we stop listening to others' points of view. we react
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immediately with hostility doubting the very intentions of folks who do not agree with your perspective. this, mr. president, is very dangerous for our future. we seem to have forgotten how to disagree without being disagreeable. and today's shooting is one of the manifestations of that. you know, this weekend marks two years since the massacre at mother emmanuel church in charleston, south carolina, my home, where a racist who wanted to start a race war decided that he could take advantage of the cracks in our foundation, that he could drive to charleston,
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south carolina, and take advantage of those cracks. but but the families of the victims understanding and appreciating notion of matthew 5:44, loving those who seem to be your enemies, they did not allow their grief and their anger to overpower their senses. they believed in the power of love. they believed that love is more powerful than hate. they believed in each other. and because of their conviction, my city and my state stood together, black south carolinians and white south carolinians, and said to the world not in my place, not my city and not my state and not my houses of worship. we stood
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together. we did not allow this spirit of oppression and division to separate us. we allow the power of love to unite us. and so, mr. president, whether it's race or politics, whether it's gender or any other number of ways that we could be divided, we have to, i implore all of us to remember that we are first americans. i think back to the funerals, to the vigils. i think of my good friend from hawaii. she's not a christian. she's of another faith. she's not a republican. she's a democrat. but she flew down to south carolina only a
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couple of days after the massacre because two of her friends, myself and tray gowdy were attending the funerals, attending the first major events. she wanted to worship with us. she wanted to be there with us. this is a classic example of when and how our nation pulls together, setting aside our differences. we must work together ensuring opportunity for all, not profiting from the division in this nation, not looking for ways to get more clicks on our pages. and why is that? well,
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mr. president, it's simple. because america is stronger than this. america is better than this. we are the american family, and we must let love be the light to show us -- mr. thune: mr. president, like all of us here on capitol hill, i am still reeling from the attack on our colleagues this morning. my thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was injured and with their families. my friend and colleague, steve scalise, remains in critical condition right now, and i'm praying for a full and swift recovery. i'm grateful to hear that the young congressional staffer who was shot, a legislative correspondent for


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